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Thank you for referring to the Bariatric Team.

You can have surgery with experienced doctors and reach your dream weight.

Our processes:

We meet our guests at the airport with a Vip transfer vehicle and bring them to the hospital. Our coordinator accompanies you at the hospital and you undergo pre-operative tests prepared by our doctors. Your examination meeting with the doctors and your surgery process are started.

The duration of your surgery is 30 minutes – 1 hour.

We host you in the hospital for 2 nights after the surgery.

You start walking 6 hours after the surgery.

On the day of discharge from the hospital, we deliver your medications, vitamins and protein packages. After your checks are completed, your surgery report and flight reports are delivered to you and we take you to your hotel. Our dietitian contacts you and informs you of your nutrition program. After resting at the hotel for 2 days, we deliver it to the airport according to flight time.

You will always remain under the control of our team.

Best regards